What Superb Customer Service Can Do For Your Business

It’s safe to say that everyone has experienced bad customer service. While those memories stick with us for a long time, so do the positive experiences. It’s the little things that our favorite retailers and restaurants do to keep us happy and, more importantly, coming back. We’ve rounded up a few enjoyable and innovative customer service encounters that the Berbay team enjoyed.

Amazon.com – In an attempt to resolve a payment issue, I called the customer support hotline and was directed to their automated system. While most companies put you on hold for long periods of time, Amazon did something unique by asking for a call back number stating they would call me back in 15 minutes. Sure enough, 15 minutes later I received a call from an Amazon customer service representative who graciously solved the problem.

Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles – While dining at a restaurant she had been to before, Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman was asked if she enjoyed the ravioli she ordered on her last visit and if she wanted to order it again or try something new. Apparently, they implemented a system where they can track previous diner’s orders, rate their satisfaction, etc. It made her dining experience, and likely many others’, very personal and demonstrated that they care about Megan’s future business.

These experiences serve as a reminder that every email, meeting and even phone call can make or break your relationship with your customers or clients. By coming up with new and creative ways to better service them, you not only give your clients a satisfying experience but you help yourself by becoming a more outstanding business.

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