Refocused Marketing Strategy During Changing Economy Brings in New Cases for Law Firm

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Los Angeles-based financial restructuring and litigation firm


Amid the beginning of COVID and a changing economy, a Los Angeles-based bankruptcy law firm needed to quickly adjust their marketing strategy in response to the new business climate. With a marketing plan in place that no longer made sense, Berbay focused on creating a firm-wide strategy that aligned with world events and that would break through the clutter of pandemic-related information. In regrouping on the firm’s marketing, we were faced with trying to get the attorneys, who typically operated in silos, to execute the plan in a concerted effort.


Berbay developed a multi-pronged approach, including creating a business development matrix that broke down potential clients by practice area, attorney, marketing outreach and responsibilities. From there, we executed the new marketing plan by revamping and distributing e-newsletters; publishing a social media campaign on timely topics; generating engaging marketing materials for prospects; and promoting the firm’s webinar series and authoring articles related to COVID issues. We worked closely with each attorney to prioritize and track each step to ensure the plan moved forward.


We were able to quickly pivot and implement a refocused marketing campaign that was reactive to the economy. As a result, the firm saw an increase in the number of leads coming in the door, which also presented an opportunity to refresh their outdated pitchbook. The firm’s newsletter had a significant uptick in engagement and we grew their webinar audience. These efforts led to new prospects and cases for the firm in a time when many were experiencing a decline in business. This also highlights that a marketing plan can change and evolve depending on current circumstances.

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