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Packaging Expertise in an Unfamiliar Territory

The client
An accounting firm
The challenge
An accounting firm with an established reputation sought to increase its revenue by generating more business from emerging fashion designers in Los Angeles. The firm had more than 30 years’ experience in the apparel industry; however, their materials needed to be “packaged” in a way that would attract a younger demographic and tell the firm’s rich history.
The work
Berbay developed a comprehensive marketing plan to target up-and-coming fashion designers. From expanding the website copy to incorporating real-life case studies to presenting at local colleges geared toward the apparel industry, Berbay left no stone unturned when it came to identifying avenues to get the word out about the firm’s expertise.
The result
The marketing plan was a turnkey approach for the firm which took the majority of implementation into their own hands. Berbay presented opportunities and identified target industry publications that the firm was not aware of. In addition, Berbay helped the firm enhance the website to make their expertise immediately clear to prospects.
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