Litigation PR Campaign Gets Widespread National Coverage and Brings in New Cases for Law Firm

Case Study Berbay Marketing PR Litigation  PR Campaign  Gets  Widespread  National  Coverage  Brings  in  New  Cases  for  Law  Firm

Client: Plaintiff Trial Law Firm

Challenge: A plaintiff trial law firm filed a lawsuit against a government entity and its department, alleging negligence in the handling of sensitive information that was subsequently posted online. The client wanted to put pressure on the defendants to resolve the matter quickly and amicably while ensuring the affected individuals were protected. This convoluted case involved numerous parties and was made even more challenging due to the need to protect the identities of those involved.

Work: Berbay developed and executed a multifaceted litigation PR campaign to secure media coverage on the case while alerting potentially impacted parties to the information that was recklessly released.

The campaign included drafting and distributing a press release and media alert outlining the events that led to the information exposure without divulging confidential details about the individuals involved. We provided a detailed overview of the public records request process and addressed technological questions related to the online database that published the information. This ensured media could accurately report on the lawsuit and possible next steps for the government entity to rectify the situation.

Berbay quickly organized and facilitated a press conference where the lead attorney explained why the defendant’s negligence was of grave concern, not only for the affected individuals and their families, but also for the general public’s safety due to potentially compromised investigations.

We also crafted website and social media announcements, distributed an e-newsletter and published advertisements in key outlets to notify affected parties about the lawsuit and their options for legal recourse.

Throughout the campaign, Berbay navigated many hurdles, including coordinating approvals among multiple law firms and other involved parties, and providing insight on complicated issues such as requirements under the California Public Records Act and the process for a governmental claim.

Result: The press conference resulted in numerous media stories across TV, radio and print, including ABC News, FOX News, NBC News, Spectrum News, KTLA, KPCC, U.S. News & World Report, Los Angeles Times, Telemundo, Univision, Los Angeles Daily News, Daily Mail, LAist, The Daily Dot, KNX News FM and more.

The campaign significantly raised awareness about the case, leading to a substantial influx of new clients for the law firm, effectively doubling the number of cases they handled.


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