Launching Niche Instagram Account Results in New Lead Pipeline and Expanded Presence for Employment Law Firm

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Client: Los Angeles Trial Law Firm

Challenge: A plaintiff’s trial law firm with established personal injury (PI) and employment law practices wanted to increase employment leads within a specific market but was hesitant to take a niche marketing approach for fear of losing out on PI work. The firm had primarily relied on traditional channels to promote its practice and held a conservative stance on social media, expressing reluctance to venture onto Instagram to avoid what they thought would tarnish their sophisticated branding.

Work: Berbay facilitated a brainstorming session with the firm to discuss promoting the employment practice. We demonstrated the value of targeted marketing and, based on our extensive research of the firm’s niche, how Instagram could be the catalyst needed to propel visibility and growth.

Once the firm was on board, we crafted and executed a robust action plan to achieve our objectives. This included developing key content and a timeline, engagement tactics, and branding elements to ensure a compelling and professional Instagram presence. Our team also managed advertising on the platform, from creating a budget and boosting posts, to monitoring and compiling insights on engagement.

As we rolled out the campaign, Berbay regularly assessed what was working and where we needed to pivot. We provided analysis and recommendations to the firm on content creation and coached the lead partner on the best format for shooting videos, which evolved into a turnkey process for posting dynamic, educational content that resonated with the firm’s target audience.

Result: In addition to accomplishing our primary goal of securing valuable leads, we quickly grew the account and strategically attracted the “right” followers – potential clients and referral sources – to foster an engaged community around the firm’s expertise and services.

The campaign opened the door to other opportunities such as securing media interviews, forming new partnerships with industry organizations and making meaningful connections with influential individuals in the firm’s niche.

Our Instagram efforts were so successful that we worked with the firm to hire a full-time, in-house social media team focused on maintaining the momentum and ensuring consistent, high-quality content. This investment reflects the firm’s sustained commitment to leveraging Instagram and proves that social platforms can be a powerful tool to showcase a law firm’s expertise and engage with prospects, despite being an unconventional approach in the legal industry.

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