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International Media Coverage Lands Meeting with Target Client

The client
Ethika Investments
The challenge
Ethika Investments, a real estate investment firm affiliated with real estate development firm Laurus Corporation, was starting to grow and needed help getting its name out and its business in the public eye. Specifically, the firm sought to create brand familiarity with their target audience, investors in the Middle East. Given that business is done completely differently there, we poised our client for the unknowns. For example, we knew it was imperative to understand the Middle East’s culture and how audiences might react to certain American marketing tactics.
The work
Berbay conducted extensive market research. A media campaign was developed that kept Ethika in front of some of the most prestigious business and real estate publications in the Gulf region. Rather quickly, Berbay secured a multitude of interview and article opportunities that featured the Chairman and the firm’s successful investment strategy in the United States.

“Berbay has really been able to get us closer to our goals by pushing us in the right direction when it comes to interviews, speech opportunities, and choosing the right publications. We’ve been able to get some direct investments, thanks to their efforts, in markets that were not previously accessible to us.”
– Frederique Szita, Marketing Manager, Ethika Investments/Laurus Corporation

The result
The steady flow of media placements, which included bylined articles and media mentions, has created powerful marketing materials the firm can present to investors. Also, Ethika has arranged substantive content to leverage on its website and in its newsletter. Further, as a result of one of the published articles, an investor in the Middle East contacted our client and requested a meeting in the immediate future to discuss their services.
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