Do You Speak English?

Have you ever been sold a product or service and you have no idea what the salesperson is saying to you? They would be better off speaking French because they are not speaking in terms you understand. I am sure we have all had a similar experience. Professionals might be comfortable with what and how they are selling, but their end user may not understand what’s being offered and how it will help them, therefore likely not resulting in business. This was a topic discussed in a webinar about how e-discovery providers can make their products more accessible to the legal industry.

As marketers, it’s important to take the following into consideration:

Shut up and listen! Listen to what your customer needs before you try and sell to them.

Differentiate what you provide. Similar companies are also making the pitch for their business. Be very specific        about how you are different from others and why.

Break it down. Think about how you would describe your service to a child.

Tell a story. Describing your services within context can help others relate.

With these tips in mind, consider how you can describe and sell your services in a way to make them more accessible to future clients.

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