Shameless or Smart?

A client recently used the term “shameless marketing” to describe the tactics of a successful litigator. He wanted to emulate those tactics and was exhorting his partners and associates to do so as well.

Now, “shameless” is a relative term. What seems shameless to one professional may be smart to another. For example, one of the “shameless” tactics this litigator used was never to leave a function, such as a networking event, without having met everyone there. Although I’m pretty good at working a room, I can’t say that I walk into a reasonably-sized event with the goal of meeting everyone before leaving.  This is something I’ll keep in mind at the next networking event I attend.

My client referred to a tactic of his own as shameless.  He made sure that he told everyone he met – attorneys, legal services professionals, CPAs, investment bankers and other professionals – what kind of law he practiced and the types of cases he handled. Shameless to some, smart to others.

I could give you a list of marketing tactics which were once considered shameless, but are now run-of-the mill. The core issue is that of balance and tension. To a certain extent, you need to be comfortable with your marketing tactics, but also open to expanding or changing them to stretch your comfort zone.

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