How Does A Pr Campaign For A Boutique Law Firm Differ From A Larger One?.


It’s obvious that the major difference between a solo boutique, medium, and large law firm is by size, and a public relations campaign for these law firms also differs by size. In a boutique firm, a public relations campaign may only support 10 professionals, whereas, in a large firm, a PR campaign may support several hundred.

What’s most important are each of these firms’ goals. For example, the boutique and large firms may both be full service with a wide range of practice areas for which they need PR support. In that case, you’ll have several PR strategies for different practice groups. Your real estate practice strategy will look different from the one you deploy for your intellectual property practice. With larger law firms, you might have more offices and may need increased PR support for local areas. A smaller firm may only have one office and lesser PR needs geographically. It can be especially important for a smaller firm to have a PR campaign in order to level the playing field when stacked up against larger firms. Bottom line, firms, regardless of their size, need PR support to create visibility and generate leads to drive business.

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