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Frequently Asked Questions

Law Firm Public Relations: What is it and why do you need it?

Managing Principal Sharon Berman discusses law firm public relations tactics and the benefits of a PR campaign.



How do you achieve success with law firm PR?

Managing Principal Sharon Berman discusses strategies to ensure public relations success.



What are the advantages of hiring a public relations agency?

Principal Megan Braverman discusses the differences between hiring a PR agency vs. an in-house staff member.



How do you extend the shelf life of PR placements?

Principal Megan Braverman discusses how to magnify your public relations content.



How does a PR campaign for a boutique law firm differ from a larger one?

Principal Megan Braverman explains the different approaches for boutique, medium sized and large law firm public relations campaigns.


What’s the best way for a law firm to get media coverage?

We share what reporters are looking for and how lawyers can secure interviews.



What are the PR strategies for obtaining local and national media coverage?

Berbay Senior Account Manager Aly Crea examines how to package your story pitch to obtain local and national media coverage.



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