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Become a more content and satisfied lawyer
Become Content and Satisfied
Learn how to overcome the stress of managing clients, billable hour minimums and the pressures of business development to create a practice you love with some of the top techniques we have found on being a happier, more content, and fulfilled lawyer.
Marketing tactics that will make your firm shine
Make Your Firm Shine
From your website and social media profiles to nominations such as Chambers & Partners, there are countless marketing strategies that can make your practice shine; it’s a matter of finding the ones that work for you. Here are some tried-and-true strategies for you to learn from.
Make your firm prosper with these expert insights
Make Your Firm Prosper
Specializing allows lawyers to better understand and serve their clients, and be more profitable. Here are some of their best techniques for focusing on a target audience to build stronger relationships with clients and colleagues and, ultimately, increase profits.
Legal Marketers - Make Your Voices Heard
Legal Marketers -
Make Your Voices Heard
Nearly half of all attorneys report that hiring/increasing marketing staff ranks among the top most effective investments in developing new business. However, marketers don’t always get the support they need. Discover strategies to foster attorney engagement in marketing initiatives and boost your efforts.
Propel Your Legal Marketing
Propel Your Legal Marketing
Lawyers, business coaches and law firm marketers share their expertise on implementing successful marketing tactics that will move your firm forward.
Technology and Digital Marketing Strategies
Technology & Digital Marketing Strategies That Move Your Firm Forward
The competition for sophisticated legal services continues to grow, and if firms want to capture their share of the market, they’ll need to stay ahead of the curve. Here are top technology and digital marketing strategies to distinguish your practice offerings and set your firm apart.
Business of Law – How to Think Like a Business Owner
Business of Law -
How to Think Like a Business Owner
Thinking like a business owner doesn’t come easily to many lawyers, but it plays an important role in building a client base and growing a law firm. Discover why lawyers should be running their firms like a business and the importance of thinking as a business owner.
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