Remember: Follow Up

With everyone’s busy schedule, it is easy to forget about the small steps that really count when it comes to client relationships. One crucial mistake professionals sometimes make is forgetting to send follow-up emails to prospective clients, employers or even past clients.

Following up demonstrates that you truly care about the relationship and shows how tenacious you are willing to be for them. By simply sending a quick note to past or present clients in order to touch base, you are putting yourself in a position to receive more business and to secure mutually beneficial relationships that might not be possible without a follow up.

The follow-up can be as easy as a brief email or as complex as a personalized newsletter. No matter what way you choose, it is imperative that you stay organized to ensure proper follow-up interaction.

One tool that will help you remain current on follow-ups is enlisting the service of online programs like or These web tools allow you to add a follow-up reminder in the BCC section of an email that will automatically alert you the day of your next planned follow-up. For example, if you would like to follow up in three days, you would put in the BCC section of your email or you can be as specific as

As far as follow-up content goes, here are a few tips on what to include in your email:

Personalized information on the recipient – tailor it to them
Research on the company the recipient works for
Insight into how the relationship could be mutually beneficial

By demonstrating how much you care about the potential client, employee, business partner or employer, you highlight one of your many fine qualities — tenacity.

Challenge yourself to send follow-ups and take notice of the outcome. You might be surprised by the pleasant response you receive from some of these contacts.

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