Recharging Alumni Connections

About a million years ago, I was awarded my MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business (I won’t say how many years ago it actually was—let’s just call it a million). The other day, I received a brochure from USC Marshall Executive Education, the business school’s extension program. I was paging through it when I came across what I thought was a fabulous idea. It’s called MBA Recharge, and it’s a recurring event for Marshall MBA alums and guest.  The two-hour event focuses on “hot topics” relating to current events and offers knowledge that can be immediately be applied to your career.

File this under “Wish I’d Thought of That!” For alums, MBA Recharge offers what looks like a nice ongoing opportunity to at least somewhat keep their MBA degree up to date.  There’s so much to keep up on, and while many of the fundamentals remain the same, you know that 10 minutes after you’ve obtained your diploma, much of it is out-of-date. Meanwhile, for Marshall, MBA Recharge is a smart marketing idea: Putting on a relevant, snappy event like this helps keep alumni bonded to the school (and alumni gifts coming in). Whether or not I actually make it to the event, it’s a terrific idea.  Maybe the next step is a webcast.

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