Rapport = Repeat Business

Author: Erica Feher | June 23, 2014

I needed to get a gift for a baby shower happening in a few days. Having previously shopped at a particular children’s boutique, I knew they had really cool merchandise, as well as very helpful salespeople.

I walked in and told the woman exactly what I needed, my budget and limited timing. She asked me a few questions about the parents and quickly swept around the store, showing me several adorable options at various price points. I made a quick decision on what to buy and as she wrapped it up, I distinctly remembered that she was the person who had helped me pick a gift the year before. I let her know that I really appreciated her help both times and was extremely grateful that she was still there more than a year later. It made my life really easy! We made small talk while she wrapped my gift in fun, packaging and I was on my way.

While the opportunity to frequent the store doesn’t arise often, I look forward to the next time I have to pick out a baby present because of her enthusiasm and helpfulness. At the shower that weekend, I recommended the store to several people.

So not only did the store clerk’s friendliness get me to come back, but it made me want to spread the word!

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