Public Relations Firm Implements ‘Fall Fridays’ to Enhance Employee Well-Being

In addition to delivering creative and effective marketing and public relations programs for clients, we also take great pride in bringing the same level of commitment and innovation to the well-being of our employees. Therefore, in balancing the deadline-driven world of marketing and PR with the importance of maintaining individual health and wellness, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Fall Fridays. Similar to New Yorkers’ “Summer Fridays,” Fall Fridays capitalizes on the beautiful weather present nearly year-round in Los Angeles.

The Fall Friday program is a new office-wide initiative where the Friday workday is shortened by 50 percent, allowing us to enjoy a longer weekend and to begin a new workweek invigorated and energized. To make up time, we work longer hours Monday through Thursday. Our goals in implementing Fall Fridays are to:

  • Enhance a healthy work/life balance: The extra time we have to enjoy our non-work lives (e.g., family and relationships, exercise, social events, and anything that doesn’t involve Los Angeles’ rush hour traffic) helps to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. Well-being in our personal lives can translate into a more pleasant attitude at work, which in turn makes the whole office environment more positive, enjoyable and fun.
  • Refresh and refocus on a personal level: During the course of working a demanding 40-hour week (and sometimes, much more), we might feel blocked and unable to regenerate the energy needed to devote to projects, especially in our creative line of work. The extra time given to transition into the weekend allows us to come back to the office on Monday refreshed, revitalized and refocused.
  • Reduce turnover and build a high-retention workforce: By creating an atmosphere of caring about our employees’ health, wellness and quality leisure time, we will be less likely to see employees make a lateral move to a competitor.

According to an informal survey of personnel directors at Fortune 1000 companies conducted for The Washington Post, nearly half of respondents said their business has instituted a shorter workweek or is considering doing so.
As an innovative, responsive leader we embrace change — our implementation of Fall Fridays puts us at the forefront of the shorter workweek movement. We greatly value our employees; therefore, nurturing their happiness, health and well-being is a top priority.

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