Podcast: The Effects of COVID on the Media Industry – What Law Firms Need to Know

Aly Crea Headshot

Episode 82

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Factors that were changing the media industry, even before the pandemic;
  • How the pandemic has accelerated the changes already underway;
  • How to break through the clutter; and
  • The changes law firm marketers and PR pros are facing.

About Aly Crea:

With extensive experience in media relations and an astute ability to generate marketing and public relations opportunities, professional service clients turn to Berbay Account Director Aly Crea to strategically place them in front of key players in their respective industries. Aly develops and executes integrated public relations campaigns, writes and places diverse press materials, and has an eye for spotting trends and crafting stories that will get the attention of media. She also manages awards and speaking programs, in addition to developing and refining clients’ web content.

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