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Podcast: Working with Nonprofits to Do Good and Elevate Your Practice

Author: Berbay Marketing & PR | July 17, 2019

Episode 47

Ranlyn Hill is a nonprofit/tax-exempt specialist and the president of Benevolent Vision, based in Los Angeles. She holds a J.D. and practiced as an attorney handling litigation matters for nonprofits, real estate and other businesses prior to founding Benevolent Vision.

On behalf of public charities, private foundations, and family offices, Ranlyn assists in hiring attorneys for paid legal engagements as well as recruiting attorneys to serve on boards of directors. She works with both small law firms and mid-size to large firms with expertise that can benefit her nonprofit clients, such as employment, HR, real estate, tax-exempt and corporate transactions. For law firms with strong pro bono programs, Ranlyn looks to match her clients with a team of attorneys to address specific legal issues which, in turn, helps to raise the firm’s profile and increases their footprint in the community.

Ranlyn also works with CEOs, CFOs, donors, founders, board leaders, and trusted advisors to navigate complex financial, operational and governance issues. Her services include: grants and foundation management; strategic plans and implementation; board development, training and retreats; succession plans and implementation; and back office management, among others.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why it’s important to have one or several attorneys on a nonprofit’s board of directors and the types of practice areas that can be helpful.
  • How Benevolent Vision matches attorneys with paid and volunteer positions in nonprofits.
  • How sitting on nonprofit boards can boost an attorney’s career and help build their practice.
  • How Benevolent Vision works with clients and why they choose to primarily focus on tax-exempt family foundations and corporations that are working on creating a social impact.

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