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Podcast: Contrasting Legal Marketing with Investment Banking Marketing

Author: Berbay Marketing & PR | February 5, 2020

Episode 73

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How investment banking approaches business development differently compared to the legal industry.
  • What brand alignment is and how it is distinct from “branding” as a whole.
  • How to conduct a total refresh of a company’s assets to create a cohesive, unified brand experience.
  • How the backing of an executive committee and consistent communication with staff can overcome resistance to marketing efforts.

About Kira Sandmann:

Kira Sandmann is the Vice President of Marketing at Cleveland, Ohio-based Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL), an investment banking and financial advisory firm serving the global middle market. She has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and business development across law, non-profit and financial organizations.

Kira provides BGL with strategic direction on all facets of the firm’s marketing and business development, including branding, practice growth and digital marketing. She works with the firm’s professionals to identify what makes them unique and how to communicate that value with personality so that it resonates with the right audiences, ultimately converting those relationships into revenue.

A longtime member of the Legal Marketing Association, Kira is the immediate past chair and current secretary of LMA’s Ohio Local Steering Committee.

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