Podcast: Lawyers, Listen Up: 5 Keys to Being a Happier, More Productive Lawyer

Episode 1

Judith Gordon, is an attorney-coach, lecturer at UCLA School of Law and founder of LeaderEsQ who transitioned from practicing law into coaching to focus on equipping lawyers with the mental fitness and performance tools they need to thrive in practice and in life. She trained in emotional intelligence coaching with the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence and in mediation at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. Judith was director of marketing and professional development at a mid-sized law firm for close to a decade. She works with lawyers to create a personalized, holistic approach to building a sustainable career. Judith writes and presents regularly at law firms and conferences on performance, and being a healthy, happy, high-achieving professional.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What it means to be a “whole lawyer,” and why it is important
  • Why multitasking isn’t effective and how it can actually hurt your productivity rather than help it
  • The importance of mindset and its connection to productivity, efficiency, and overall satisfaction
  • How managing your energy affects productivity and how to transition your mindset to accommodate the task at hand to produce better results
  • How to find true satisfaction in one’s professional career after feeling overworked and burdened with stress

Ways to contact Judith:

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