Pinterest – Is It Good For Business?

There’s been much talk surrounding the social networking site Pinterest, where users “pin” photographs and images based on common themes and share with others to inspire discovery, creativity and community. You can either be the “pinner”, where you are the curator and post content to your “pinboard”, or you can “repin” someone else’s pin, which is akin to reposting something on Facebook.

Just like other social networking sites, Pinterest advocates interacting with other users to build your social circle. According to, Pinterest went from 7 million monthly visitors in December 2011 to 30 million monthly visitors at the end of December 2012, showcasing the site’s exponential growth over a short time span.

The key question is how to utilize Pinterest to market professional service businesses. HubSpot recently published a comprehensive e-book discussing how to use Pinterest for business. Below are a few ways Pinterest can help bring visibility to your business.

  1. Driving Web Traffic – Pinterest is becoming one of the top sites to drive traffic to your website. You can let your website visitors know that you have a Pinterest account by incorporating a Pinterest follow button on your site.
  2. Inbound Linking – Businesses using the “pin it” button on their website pages can significantly increase their inbound linking, giving active Pinterest users the opportunity to discover your content and increase visibility for your firm.
  3. Building a Social Media Presence – Posting your Pinterest pins to your Facebook and Twitter allows you to expand your social media profile and create awareness around your firm.  Showcasing that your firm is familiar with various marketing avenues can create credibility and help differentiate it from other firms that aren’t as quick to adopt unconventional ways of promoting themselves.

Click on the links to see how some CPAs and law firms have integrated Pinterest into their social media marketing strategy.


Law Firms

Like any effective marketing strategy, it takes a significant commitment to utilize social media as a successful tool for business development. With the right amount of creativity and frequency, Pinterest can provide another avenue to help broaden your social networking circle and increase your chances of being seen by prospective clients.


-By Berbay Assistant Account Manager Summer Vernon

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