The Perfect Law Firm Experience….Does it Exist?

In this ever-changing legal industry, is the perfect law firm an impossible dream? The answer is “no!” straight from the clients’ mouths at the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference. Follow the tips below to mold the “perfect” firm for your clients that not only provides high level service, but differentiates you from your competition.

– Under-promise and over-deliver: No description needed…Wow your clients!

– There is no such thing as over-communicating.

– Understand their business: Do whatever it takes…walk the halls, take the in-house legal team out to lunch with the goal of knowing how to better serve them, etc.

– Personalize service: Do they like to receive hard copy invoices? How do they want their emails and how often? These might seem like minor things, but the more you can personalize service, the more you differentiate your firm and build trust.

– Cross-selling: Help other lawyers understand the client’s business when cross-selling. This will save you and the client time, and it goes a long way in establishing goodwill.

– Promote your expertise: If you’re speaking, authoring articles, etc. on subjects of value to your clients, let them know! You get the credibility of being an expert and the opportunity to promote yourself.

To summarize the above…eat, sleep and breathe your client. Okay, not really, but consider how your firm can think outside the box and go above and beyond to impress clients.

Tune into our webinar, “What’s Hot in Legal Maketing: The Top Takeaways from this Year’s Legal Marketing Conference”.

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