Spend Your Time Giving Presentations, Not Hunting Them Down

If you market to lawyers, there’s no better way to memorably demonstrate your expertise than by giving MCLE-accredited presentations to law firms.

Clients call on Berbay to secure in-house speaking engagements so they can share knowledge with their target audience and provide MCLE credits at the same time.  Attorneys benefit by accruing bar-required MCLE credits without leaving their building.

We bring MCLE presentations value by:

  • Crafting an attention-getting topic and presentation.
  • Developing a targeted list of law firms to contact.
  • Facilitating the State Bar certification process.
  • Propelling post-talk marketing.

MCLE engagements bring you value by:

  • Allowing your prospective clients to see you in action.
  • Creating an opportunity to build relationships with those who can bring you business.
  • Demonstrating your understanding of lawyers’ needs.
  • Reinforcing your credibility so you are the obvious first choice.

Berbay’s work includes crafting an attention-getting topic and presentation, facilitating the application and certification process through the State Bar of California, developing a targeted list of law firms to contact and scheduling presentations, and helping professionals with post-presentation marketing.

Contact us to learn more about increasing your visibility and credibility through MCLE presentations.

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