Q&A With 2016 Scholarship Recipient Claire Rudder

2016 Berbay Scholarship Recipient Claire Rudder

We caught up with our 2016 scholarship recipient, Claire Rudder, to learn more about her career goals and what interests her most about marketing/PR/communications.

Q: What interested you in pursuing a degree in Media Culture and Communications?

A: I love watching the news and reading the paper everyday (yes, I am one of the few left that still has a physical newspaper subscription). Our current political climate makes it ever-more important to stay informed and simultaneously vigilant of where that information comes from. I love studying the theory behind it all, and applying it in the world we live in today.


Q: How did you hear about Berbay’s scholarship and why did you apply?

A: I found this scholarship on Scholly, an app used to match students with relevant scholarship applications. I applied because I was currently enrolled in a Public Relations course that was really engaging and felt I had a lot to say on the subject.


Q: What are your career goals? What would be your dream job?

A: I would love to start my own artist management company that employs a passionate marketing and PR team to promote signed artist’s new releases and live performance dates.”


Q: Do you have any words of advice for students interested in studying marketing/PR/communications; or those pursuing a career in the field?

A: Apply for internships and stay curious! Absorbing information from professionals in the field has been invaluable for me so far.


Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: I would love to say thank you again to everyone at Berbay. Scholarships are integral to helping students afford growing tuition costs, and it gave me the means to focus more on school and less on how to pay for it all.

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