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Marketing in the Moment: Five Ideas to Make Your Marketing Work Here and Now

In our webinar, “Marketing in the Moment,” principal Sharon Berman discusses how to reinvigorate your marketing to work here and now. The presentation discusses identifying your marketing goldmine, turning content into conversation and filling your business pipeline.

All About Avvo: Making it Work for You

In our webinar, “All About Avvo: Making it Work for You,” lawyers will learn why they should take a closer look at Avvo and how it can help grow their law practice. The presentation discusses your Avvo profile, reviews and ratings.

What’s Hot in Legal Marketing: The Top Takeaways from this Year’s Legal Marketing Conference

Our webinar, “What’s Hot in Legal Marketing: The Top Takeaways from this Year’s Legal Marketing Conference,” focuses on key takeaways from the 2014 Legal Marketing Association Annual conference. Account Manager Erica Hess discusses how to position your firm as a desirable option for in-house counsel, the “perfect” law firm experience and alleviating stress associated with awards season.

A Revolution in Revenue: Marketing Your Law Firm’s Pricing

In our webinar “A Revolution in Revenue: Marketing Your Law Firm’s Pricing,” principal Sharon Berman discusses the components of pricing and key strategies in marketing your professional fees. The presentation also explores the intersection of infrastructure and profitability and shows viewers how to create a marketing plan that incorporates your firm’s pricing.

Integrating Laterals Means Integrating Marketing

In the webinar “Integrating Laterals Means Integrating Marketing,” looks at the important role marketing and business development plays in terms of weaving a new lateral into the fabric of your firm.

Transitioning from Service Partner to Rainmaker

The webinar “Transitioning from Service Partner to Rainmaker” helps uncover the need to emerge from the shadows of other rainmakers and increase your own visibility and credibility. The advantages potential rainmakers can gain are plentiful and this webinar provides the tools and steps needed to complete that transition.

Your Law Firm Succession Plan

In the webinar “Your Law Firm Succession Plan,” principal Sharon Berman outlines the strategy used for maintaining a successful law firm, including ways to fill the empty rainmaking bench, the integration of marketing and business development, and avoiding common mistakes.

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