Sharon Berman

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Sharon Berman



Sharon Discusses Berbay’s Client Services

Clients benefit from Sharon Berman’s 25 years’ of strategic marketing and implementation experience, including 15 years as principal of Berbay Marketing & PR Here’s what this means to you:

  • Extensive experience as a marketing strategist and implementer means little or no learning curve.
  • An experienced staff committed to delivering results.
  • A range of vetted resources including designers, printers, etc.
  • A business owner’s perspective focusing on how to bring you the biggest bang for the buck.

Prior to founding the firm, Sharon held marketing management positions at Toyota Motor Sales; Ogilvy & Mather Advertising; Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin; and Arthur Andersen. She received her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her MBA from USC.

Sharon has taught Marketing Plan Development at UCLA Extension. She is a past member of the editorial board of Marketing the Law Firm, as well as the California Society of CPAs State Marketing Committee. She writes and speaks extensively on marketing, and has presented marketing segments on nationally broadcast programs. She has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

Beth Miller

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Beth Miller

Senior Account Manager



As Senior Account Manager, Beth Miller works with Berbay’s clients to develop and execute effective marketing programs. Originally from Ohio, she attended Florida State University and received her undergraduate degree in Marketing. In addition to her marketing experience, Beth also has front-line sales experience. Beth’s combined skills and experience bring clients benefits such as:

  • The ability to take your expertise and accomplishments and “package” them in a way that attracts journalists’ interest.
  • Extensive familiarity with media outlets and speaking venues means a flat learning curve.
  • Persistent follow-up that results in visibility.
  • A big-picture view which generates a broad range of opportunities for clients.

Beth is a member of Commercial Real Estate Women – Los Angeles (CREW-LA), and a past co-chair of its Wine Tasting Fundraiser. In addition, she has been a CREW-LA Programs committee member for several years as well as a Women at the Top committee member. Beth is also a member of the Programs committee for the Society for Marketing Professional Services – Los Angeles (SMPS-LA).

Maggie Lukaszewicz

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Maggie Lukaszewicz

Account Manager


Account Manager Maggie Lukaszewicz draws upon her marketing and PR experience to facilitate successful strategic campaigns for clients. Originally from Wisconsin, Maggie received her undergraduate degree in Marketing from Montana State University. Post-college, she worked for Sotheby’s International Realty. Maggie’s enthusiasm and skills benefit clients through:

  • Focused attention to detail which significantly influences results.
  • Creativity and flexibility with technology.
  • Experience producing marketing collateral: brochures, email campaigns, etc.
  • Tenacious follow-up which makes a difference in outcomes.

Maggie is a member of the Membership committee for the Legal Marketing Association – Los Angeles Chapter (LMA-LA).

Megan Braverman

Megan Braverman, Account Manager

Megan Braverman

Account Manager


Account Manager Megan Braverman works closely with clients to implement effective marketing and public relation strategies to produce successful results. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Megan received her undergraduate degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Dayton. She has previously worked in a variety of industries such as real estate, event marketing and not-for-profit. Megan’s education and business experience benefits clients through:

  • Extensive production knowledge of marketing collateral, promotional materials, websites, etc., which catch the target market’s eye.
  • Superior writing and proofreading skills.
  • Creating an efficient work environment through attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
  • Creative thinking to generate a wide range of opportunities for clients.

Summer Vernon

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Summer Vernon

Assistant Account Manager



Assistant Account Manager Summer Vernon provides marketing and public relations support to the Account Managers and executes various client projects—from media outreach to development of strategic marketing materials. A native of Southern California, Summer received her BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Northridge. Summer’s experience and skills benefit clients through:

  • Familiarity with journalistic techniques that garner media attention.
  • Advanced writing and editing skills that ensure clients’ messages are clear to target audiences.
  • Understanding of website structure and SEO to generate an elevated web presence for clients.
  • In-depth understanding of marketing and public relations tactics that create top-of-mind awareness.

Cindi Goldstein

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Cindi Goldstein

Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant Cindi Goldstein provides critical support to everyone at Berbay Corp, allowing them to fully focus on clients. She is responsible for database research and maintenance, organizational support and office administration. Cindi’s experience and skills benefits clients because:

  • They receive a warm, welcome reception.
  • They can rest assured that nothing falls through the cracks: Messages are relayed; packages and other material are delivered on-time, etc.
  • Client databases maintained by Berbay are clean and up-to-date.
  • The office runs smoothly so that everyone at Berbay can devote their attention to clients.

The Dogs

The Dogs

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Hunter, Hamlet & Halo – Canine Efficiency Officers (CEOs)

At Berbay Marketing & PR, Hunter, Hamlet and Halo hold the important position of CEOs – Canine Efficiency Officers. The top dogs in the office, their job is to ensure that everyone at Berbay works their tails off for clients. The pups have an “open paw” management style. They promote lots of petting and are not opposed to begging and woofing to get what they want.


Fetching employees, Hunter, Hamlet and Halo have made their mark on all of Berbay’s projects. These Cocker Spaniels are constantly on the prowl, sniffing out new marketing and public relations ideas to chew on, and have been known to dig all night rather than settle on a less superb concept. In addition, they are staunchly efficient and are also known to work for kibble in order to complete projects under budget.


These CEOs also bring a global perspective. Hunter is an English Cocker Spaniel known for being more placid and stately than the American breed. Hamlet, an American Cocker, keeps everyone in line by batting his paw at them and demanding to be pet. Our youngest American, Halo, is recognized for her creativity in overturning waste paper baskets and absconding with the other CEOs toys.


While they know they are top dogs in the office, they never fail to remind us that the real top dogs are our clients.

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