Law Firm Business Development Is Crucial to Your Firm’s Success

If marketing is the shotgun approach to communicating your brand to the market, law firm business development is the surgical strike. In general marketing, you create an overall message which you convey to the market at large. Business development, however, is more strategic and involves targeted one-on-one outreach. The goal is to build strong relationships with both clients and prospects, which depends on developing a thorough understanding of their needs. This relationship building could take multiple forms, anything from a timely response to a request for a proposal to an onsite presentation of new privacy legislation.

Call it “old school,” but the first and most effective tactic that lawyers use to build their business is to perform outstanding work for their clients. This creates loyalty and entices repeat business. However, in light of the increasingly competitive law market, you can no longer just do great work. To ensure your future success, you must also incorporate a carefully devised law firm marketing and business public relations development strategy.

In recent years, the industry has shifted away from paying substantial sums to have a logo imprinted on a screen or other similar advertising. The latest trend is to employ much more focused strategies. An example would be to invest marketing dollars in getting a useful article published that showcases your professionals’ expertise.

Experts foresee increased collaboration, as law firm business development and marketing staff work very closely with business units, major clients, industry groups and relevant practice groups. The fundamentals of marketing have not changed, but the economic climate certainly has. Marketing campaigns refined by effective law firm business development are the norm of the day.

A number of law firms have also invested in human resources by staffing an attorney whose sole function is business development and sales. Some savvy firms have taken this one step further and have unlocked the selling potential of all their lawyers by creating firm-wide cultures of business development. This approach can only be effective when the true value of your firm is clear in the market and well supported by the excellent performance of your legal team.

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Sound Law Firm Public Relations Is Indispensable

A strong business-to-business public relations initiative is an imperative for survival in today’s competitive market. Law firms that lack a sound strategy for communicating their message are missing out on valuable opportunities to attract business.

For your current clients, tailor your message to validate and reinforce their decision to retain your services. For prospects, structure a message that positions your attorneys as credible, talented and experienced professionals. Your future clients must have a clear picture of who you are, what you do and, most importantly, what you can do for them.

Effective law firm public relations strategies often capitalize on a keen understanding of all the relevant issues. Once your law firm has identified the audience that is in need of your field of expertise, your next step is to develop an understanding of their primary “pain points.” Offering valuable insights into the specific problems your prospects are facing is the foundation of relationships that engender trust and, ultimately, loyalty. Law firm public relations is most compelling when it resonates with your targets on a personal level. You will enhance the credibility of your firm by addressing the issues that matter most to them.

Another effective method to generate visibility and positive exposure for your firm is “trend commentary.” How is it accomplished? Law firm public relations practitioners collaborate with your firm’s executives to identify key thought-leadership platforms that reflect current business trends and the firm’s expertise. These platforms are then shaped to focus on the needs of the target segment and pitched to the media.

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Essential Elements of Effective Law Firm Marketing

Too many law firms devote too few resources to branding and marketing. They operate under the misguided impression that a company logo, professional letterhead and slick-looking business cards can create an effective brand image. What they don’t realize is that a brand goes far beyond simple symbols and office supplies, and that strategic law firm branding is an indispensable part of the business plan.

The successful marketing of legal services requires that the firm first position itself appropriately to reach its target audience. Potential clients will not even have the opportunity to assess your services if they do not know you are there. You must project your brand onto the market, clearly communicating the superior benefits your firm can offer. As a law firm brand is built over time, all attorneys and staff must work together to reinforce these initial efforts and integrate the brand-building strategy into all levels of the business.

Another crucial element in the successful execution of your marketing plan is a detailed analysis of your opposition. In order to excel in a competitive environment, it is imperative you understand what you are up against. You want to learn about their tactics up front rather than learn about them after they have converted your prospects into their clients. How have competitors positioned their brand? How have they succeeded? Where has their strategy failed? What are they doing and, just as critical, what aren’t they doing? Knowledge is power and thorough research can only strengthen your law firm branding efforts. You may detect opportunities that will improve your public relations and marketing campaigns, or even discover untapped revenue streams in the current marketplace.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors is as important as recognizing your own and capitalizing on them. It’s a prerequisite for demonstrating that your legal capabilities are significantly different and better than the rest of the market. Look to Berbay Marketing & PR, one of the foremost law firm marketing companies, to effectively create and execute all aspects of your professional services branding plan. Log on to for more details.

Earn Higher Profits Through Effective Law Firm Branding

In a competitive landscape teeming with law firms that all promise the finest representation, what are your prospective clients to do? How are they to choose and, more importantly, how are they to choose you? The key is to stand out from the crowded marketplace by being the obvious choice for legal assistance. Becoming that conspicuous choice depends on good law firm branding.

Your branding message should reflect the way you would like your clients and prospects to perceive your product offering. A successful law firm branding initiative will differentiate you from rival companies, by showcasing those exceptional attributes your firm possesses. Effectively packaging these positive indicators will turn prospects into clients, and clients into repeat business and referral sources.

Your new brand may revolve around price, size, practice areas, specialties offered, market presence, response time, experience, know-how, a robust client list or any combination of these attributes. For your branding efforts to be successful, these distinguishing factors must be honest, relevant, verifiable and unique enough to parlay into a compelling law firm public relations campaign. Advertising slogans will develop from your brand, not the other way around.

Abandon any misconceptions you may have that branding is a time-consuming and expensive exercise, suited only for large law firms. Online marketing, including search engine optimization, is one of the most valuable tools to raise brand awareness and generate publicity. The Internet is cost-effective, results-oriented, far-reaching, accountable and an ideal medium to communicate the re-positioning of your brand.

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Tips for Choosing a Reliable Public Relations Firm

The many PR companies that now inundate the public relations sector bring an interesting set of advantages and challenges for businesses that seek these services. On the one hand, the public relations support that was once reserved for the IBMs and GEs of the world is now far more accessible to smaller companies. On the other hand, it’s a daunting task to sort through the numerous contenders to select a quality public relations firm that can help you reach your business objectives.

When you need a partner that will ensure a return on your investment and take your business to the next level, use the following criteria to choose the right PR firm.

  1. Consider the size of the PR company you want to hire. Your selection of a large PR marketing company or small to mid-size firm is a function of your budget, the amount of personal attention you require, the size of your ideal PR account team and the extent of your public relations outreach. A substantial retainer for basic services typically accompanies a large PR and marketing company. While these public relations giants may commit a larger team to your account and offer a wider reach for your brand, they often falter when it comes to providing personal attention. Large business to business PR firms are best suited for equally large, established companies, not start-ups or small to mid-sized businesses.
  2. Confirm the track record of all potential PR firms. Never fall for a company that is all flash and no substance. If your PR candidate cannot furnish verifiable examples of previously completed projects, media placements and instances of past successes, then it cannot deliver for you. Always insist that the candidate substantiate its body of work. Your bottom line will thank you.
  3. Choose a PR partner whose values directly reflect your own. Your public relations firm will be the front line of your business, your brand ambassador. It is crucial that your partner understand, appreciate and share your vision of your company. An effective test is to ask your prospective PR team how they see your product, who they believe your target audience to be and how they envision positioning your product vis-à-vis both the media and future customers. If they cannot articulate a plan that falls in line with your overall vision, how will they be able to convey your message to the general public?

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How Can You Benefit from Experienced Law Firm Public Relations?

When it comes to expert legal services, the competitive landscape is saturated with rival law firms. If you want to stand out from the cacophony of contestants, you’ll need to position your firm to stake a distinctive claim. That’s where a PR marketing company with an established track record in law firm branding comes in to create the necessary visibility and credibility for your firm.

Law firm public relations companies employ teams of highly qualified consultants who leverage their expertise to creatively and effectively market law firms. Their first order of business is to structure a strategic and results-oriented law firm business development, marketing and public relations plan. This demands a careful evaluation of your past marketing efforts, an expert analysis of current business trends and a detailed assessment of the competitive environment. Once these elements are integrated with your overall business objectives, the public relations company is poised to put its plan into action and increase your firm’s visibility in the marketplace.

However, the key to creating brand awareness is not merely to make the law firm more visible. In addition, savvy PR consultants also heighten your credibility in the eyes of your current and prospective clients. To achieve this objective, a public relations company launches an outreach campaign in the form of press releases, articles, newsletters, social media, marketing materials and other programs to highlight the law firm’s many successes.

These tactics are then reinforced with other powerful strategies for law firm public relations, such as arranging for conference appearances and exhibits, seminars, trade meetings and more. The goal of these efforts is to call attention to your abundance of legal talent. Once your attorneys gain more visibility in public forums by speaking at trade and professional conferences, distributing legal updates and newsletters, etc., they will be appreciated as the legal experts they are. They are more likely to be quoted in the media and their articles will be published. These strategies and tactics can ultimately contribute to an increase in your law firm’s business.

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Business-to-Business PR Plays a Pivotal Role in Successful Sales

When mobilizing your business-to-business outreach to increase the sales of your product or service, it pays to recall this vital piece of dogma: Companies do not sell to companies; people sell to people. Thus, the development of strong interpersonal relationships at every possible contact point is paramount in the creation of a strong business-to-business PR strategy.

What are the elements that generate sales and guarantee success? Among other things, it is the perfect storm of a quality product, competitive pricing, good service and reliable delivery. Yet, all of this hinges on the interpersonal dynamic. No customer signs on the dotted line without a personal interaction between someone at the company making the sale and someone at the company approving the sale. It is in these B2B sales situations that an effective business-to-business PR campaign is critical because the stakes are substantially higher and a single order could add millions to your bottom line.

How likely is it that a key prospect will become a loyal customer if your representative does not adhere to the tenets of business-to-business PR and fails to develop a good personal relationship? Not very. Whether it is returning calls promptly, taking the time to answer all queries or going the extra mile to ensure that everything runs smoothly, your rep’s attention to PR public relations makes the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

Business public relations encompasses more than developing a positive image, more than media outreach and more than ribbon-cutting ceremonies. It is a means of bringing prospective customers into your company’s fold by leveraging one-on-one relationships.

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Grow Your Business with the Right Public Relations Firm

Visibility is a key element of success for any business. Berbay Marketing & PR is a public relations firm with the expertise to deliver that visibility for your firm. We will create a niche for you in a crowded field, hone your marketing plan and make your brand stand out, so that you can break through the clutter.

The experts at Berbay Marketing & PR have decades of experience developing marketing strategies for law firms, real estate developers, financial advisors, accounting firms, other professional services firms, and business-to-business. Our industry-specific knowledge lets us hit the ground running to configure a powerful PR and marketing campaign tailored to your needs.

We know how to design a distinctive corporate identity and how to build credibility for your brand. Our public relations experts think creatively and innovatively to develop brand recognition and foster business growth. We use proven marketing and business public relations strategies to attract the most profitable clients to your business.

Our Los Angeles public relations and marketing firm was formed in 1995, so we have long-term experience creating effective marketing and public relations programs. We work as our clients’ outsourced marketing department. We can also provide support for your in-house marketing team, integrating our ideas and strategies with yours to create the most effective professional services branding plan for your business.

Whether you are an established firm wishing to refresh its marketing strategy, or an up-and-coming business in need of a comprehensive PR and marketing program, Berbay Marketing & PR will help create and implement the most dynamic plan of action. Our specialization in law firms, financial services firms, real estate companies, and other professional services providers and business-to-business PR marketers, gives us the edge in branding your business most effectively.

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Why Work with a Financial Services Marketing Firm?

Whether you are a mid-sized accounting firm in need of increased visibility or an investment bank looking to garner greater market share, Berbay Marketing & PR can provide the tools you need to reach your marketing goals.

The financial services marketing specialists at Berbay Marketing & PR have a proven track record of getting results. Our strategic marketing experts will analyze where your business stands and where you’d like to be. We will increase your visibility and credibility and guide you step by step to build up marketing momentum. Our approach is customized, comprehensive, direct, innovative and maximally effective to reach your target audience and boost your business.

Berbay Marketing & PR is a financial services marketing and PR firm that puts your business in the spotlight. Whether it’s establishing your professionals as industry experts or getting your message out in the media, we have the expertise to make it happen. We can also repurpose and leverage your collateral for a higher return on your marketing investment. At a time when clients are seeking honest, dependable financial advice, our proven programs will enhance your financial services firm’s credibility.

For more information on our financial services marketing initiatives, visit our website at In addition to financial services firms, our clients include law firms, real estate companies, and other types of business-to-business and business-to-consumer professional services. We offer the most effective and results-oriented plans for enhancing your firm’s marketing and PR strategies.

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