Mid-Year Marketing Reset
July 25, 2017
The second half of the year seems to fly by faster than the first, and January will be here before you know it. With five months left in 2017, it’s ...
Keeping Your PowerPoints on Point
September 30, 2016
Visuals, visuals, visuals and a strong, personal presentation style. Those are the messages that came through loud and clear for developing a present...
Legal Marketing: There’s an App for That
June 30, 2016
Would you like to develop a marketing app that could raise your visibility, strengthen your credibility, and generate more leads? "Sure," you may be s...
Marketing Pros “WOW” at the 2016 Legal Marketing Conference
June 10, 2016
The following summary and marketing tips should prove helpful to you as you develop your own marketing strategies and plans. With breakout session ...
Nine Marketing Resolutions for the New Year
January 27, 2016
By: Sharon Berman Published: The Recorder New Year’s resolutions are the new Santa Claus: they're a nice idea, fun to contemplate, but we all kn...
Marketing: Now and How!
December 8, 2015
Your business, no matter what profession you’re in, rises and falls on numbers. Numbers permeate everything you do and think about. What are my sale...
Facets of Marketing
By: Sharon Berman Published: The Recorder What does diamond grading have in common with law firm marketing? It may not be immediately obvious, but...
What Kind of Marketing Help Do You Need?
May 8, 2015
By: Sharon Berman Published: The Recorder If you or your firm has ever looked for external marketing support, you may have been puzzled by the ava...
Helping Experienced Attorneys Find a Digital Voice
May 4, 2015
Published: The Recorder By: Sharon Berman Seasoned lawyers, most often with small or mid-size firms, sometimes profess frustration at being left i...
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