Motivate Young Professionals to Market

Can young professionals be taught to market even if they’re not natural rainmakers? Yes, they can – provided they are interested and motivated.

After all, you don’t have to be perfect at marketing to be successful. Marketing is a numbers game, and success just depends on hitting your numbers, even if you’re going about it imperfectly. Motivated professionals who have been given a mandate to market can learn how.

What motivates and does not motivate professionals to market is very specific to the individual. For example, take someone who is threatened with the loss of a job or partnership title if they don’t bring in business. More often than not, those potential consequences don’t motivate them to market because they think they can just go somewhere where they don’t need to market. But then there are others for whom the threat of job loss serves as a motivator, so they ask for help or find a coach.

The tools for learning how to market are out there: classes, seminars, books, videos, blogs. Use whatever works for you, but you’ve got to put it to use. So get out there and market!

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