4 Tips for Managing Your Marketing Time

From drafting articles to updating websites to hosting webinars, marketing can seem like an overwhelming task. Particularly for professionals with billable hours, it’s easy to push these items to the back burner. With both current and future business equally important, how does one find the right balance? Time management is critical in ensuring that your current clients are taken care of, all while increasing your visibility to potential clients. Below are four tips to better marketing time management.

Mark it on your calendar

Just like you would a client meeting, schedule a meeting with marketing. Start by blocking off an hour, or even just 30 minutes per week to devote to marketing. You’ll be surprised at how much work you can get done if your sole focus is on finishing up that article or making connections on LinkedIn.

Create digestible goals

Set small goals each week versus large goals over six months. Try spending 15 minutes every Friday afternoon making LinkedIn connections or 30 minutes brainstorming webinar topics. By taking these baby steps you will begin seeing marketing momentum before you know it.

Prioritize your marketing tasks

Once you see all pending marketing items written down on paper, identify those with a deadline and start with those. However, prioritization isn’t always about meeting deadlines; activities without a due date can be equally as important. For example, setting up a lunch meeting with the potential new client that you met at the conference last weekend.

Ask for help

Marketing doesn’t have to be a one-man show. If you’re having trouble finishing an article, ask a junior associate to help or seek out a freelancer. If you’re having difficulty scheduling marketing time, ask an assistant who is familiar with your schedule to move some things around on your calendar. Delegate some of the nitty gritty marketing work to others and focus your time on other high-level marketing items.

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