Marketing Takeaways from Disneyland

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We are very busy at Berbay and often get stuck in the day-to-day work routine. This is why we decided to hold a firm retreat at the magical world of Disneyland! This firm retreat brought our employees together for a day of fun in a non-work setting. Although we enjoyed the day eating junk food and riding rides, we couldn’t leave our marketing minds behind. We did take note of a few interesting items:

Nearly 60 years of branding. Although Walt Disney has become a brand name in many respects, Disneyland itself was unveiled in 1955. As we walked through Disneyland, you could see the evolution of Disneyland collateral – shorts, tee-shirts, hats, pins, etc. We noticed patrons wearing some collateral, which may have been purchased and worn since the late-50’s, while others wore more intricately designed contemporary pieces.

Making the moment last without thinning your wallet. Although most amusement parks are strict about their rules, we noticed that Disneyland was very lenient on some. On almost every ride, they take a picture of you at the most exhilarating moment, and then offer an opportunity to purchase the photo of you and your friends screaming. However, at almost every picture station, we were allowed to take photos of the photos using our iPhones or cameras, without having to purchase a printed one. This allowed us to safe keep all of our memories!

Tailoring each experience. No matter what land or ride you entered, you could tell there was a lot of thought and creativity behind every aspect. Disneyland goes one step beyond to create the optimal experience.  The ride operators were dressed in full costume, the food/drink kiosks were reflective of the area of the park you were in, and there was never a dull ride. It really goes to show that all of the little details add up!

Some things never get old. Two of the most known rides at Disneyland have to be It’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean. These rides have been featured at Disneyland for decades, yet visitors continue to line up for these classic attractions. While they’ve mostly remained the same over the years, Disney has been smart enough to integrate some of their modern movie characters into the rides (Captain Jack Sparrow and Stitch were some favorites) to connect the modern-day Disney-goer with these iconic rides.

It really is a small world. The ride that defines Disneyland’s unifying theme of global peace holds history that most park-goers are unaware of. Walt Disney debuted the multi-cultural ride, sponsored by Pepsi, at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Every world included various dolls dressed in cultural attire, singing the world famous “It’s a Small World” song in different languages. This ride is not only a tribute to children all over the world, but a true sign that Disneyland is a benchmark for creative ingenuity.

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