Marketing Materials – A Reminder That Quality Counts

When it comes to marketing materials, it’s important to remember that quality is every bit as important as content. Seemingly mundane choices like what kind of cardstock to print your business card on can have a huge impact on how you are perceived. Creating quality marketing materials supports and reinforces the positioning of your brand, and it conveys the message that you believe your company is worth investing in.

I was reminded of this truth recently. Within the last year when I was discussing possibilities with my travel agent, among those she mentioned was a quality tour company called Travcoa. I wasn’t familiar with the name and was confusing it with another outfit that didn’t interest me.

Recently, on a different tour, some of my fellow travelers began talking about a Travcoa tour and passed a brochure around. As soon as I caught sight of the brochure, I knew my assumptions about the company had been misguided. I could tell immediately, judging by the quality of the materials used and the sophistication of the brochure’s design, that Travcoa was a company that most likely offers the types of tours I would like to take. It was an excellent demonstration of how the use of high quality marketing materials can instantly influence people’s opinions – including my own!

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