Without Effective Marketing, Does Experience Matter to Lawyers? 3 Steps to Maintain Your Expert Status

We’ve all heard the cliché that there is no substitute for experience.  However, for lawyers, it’s also true that effective law firm marketing trumps experience more often than not.  A recent conversation with an attorney illustrates this point.

For many years, Seth has been practicing in what is now a very hot field of law. Indeed, he recognized and carved out a lucrative niche, long before others even saw this emerging practice area on the horizon. He has significant experience, yet now he is dismayed because he sees less experienced lawyers receiving much more of the spotlight and bringing in much more business than he is.

This competition is not just from larger firms with greater resources to allocate towards marketing.  Nor is Seth a lazy marketer. On the contrary, he invests time and energy into marketing. He regularly speaks at relevant events and hosts webinars.  Isn’t that enough?

Regrettably, in today’s marketing landscape, it’s not. Seth is missing out because his marketing is subpar to these newbies. His respectably-sized firm’s website does not promote his expertise. Publications on the site featuring Seth as an expert are years old.  His recent speaking engagements are not updated.  There’s nothing on his firm’s site about his valuable webinars.  Furthermore, Seth’s LinkedIn profile is out of date and doesn’t showcase his recent news.

If you’re like Seth, don’t panic, as there are things you can do immediately to regain your top-of-mind status as a truly experienced attorney.  Here are three steps to take now:

  • Update Your Website Biography – Make sure that it is immediately clear that you are the go-to expert in your field. Focus on your primary area of expertise, rather than letting it get buried in a laundry list of all practice areas. Update not only your website bio, but also your LinkedIn and other online profiles as well.
  • Post and Repurpose All PR Results – From published articles to presentations, to quotes in media outlets and publications, put your press hits out there. Look at how you can repurpose them, e.g., turn an article into a webinar. Ensure they are all included on LinkedIn and sites such as Avvo, etc.
  • Celebrate Successes – From case studies to significant settlements, verdicts and transactions, be sure you highlight your victories. Consistently develop and post case studies, and get the word out there via social media and an e-newsletter.

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