Out of the Loop: When Customer Service Goes Wrong

At Berbay, we pride ourselves on always keeping our clients informed about the status of a project, no matter how small or large that update may be. I was reminded of how important this is when I encountered poor customer service from my cell phone provider, Verizon, on a very important matter.

I called in on a Saturday to report fraudulent activity on my account when someone in Georgia had purchased a new iPhone and changed the billing address on my account. After the representative put me on hold for nearly 20 minutes and made several failed attempts to connect me to the fraud department, he gathered all the pertinent information and assured the fraud department would call me back within 24 hours. When given a specific time frame such as this, I expect to receive a response.

24 hours passed…and no call. 48 hours and still no call. Had they forgotten about me? Was my issue not important to them? With these questions in mind, I called again on Thursday to find out the scoop. Apparently, the gentleman assisting me on Saturday didn’t make appropriate notes on the account; therefore, no immediate action was taken. The new representative helping me was very apologetic and ensured me that they would get the problem resolved. The next day, the fraud department called me back to let me know that everything had been sorted out.

It’s impossible to know what’s going on when people don’t keep you apprised. It’s comforting to receive periodical updates to keep you in the loop and so, as the customer, you are not left wondering whether your issue is important to the people you are doing business with.

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