Lessons Learned from Serving Jury Duty

I have worked in the marketing and public relations aspect of the legal industry for almost two years and have read hundreds of cases, and yet I had never experienced firsthand what it is like in a courtroom. That is, until I was given the opportunity to serve as a juror on a jury trial.

During this experience, I witnessed everything from opening statements to closing arguments to examining the evidence in a case, all aspects of a public trial that up until that point I had only read about—or seen in TV dramas. Familiar with legal terminology and practices because of my work with law firms, I had a better sense of the process than the average person, and used that to my advantage throughout the trial and deliberation.

Although many people initially balk when they are called for jury duty, I can positively say that my experience gave me a better understanding of our litigation clients’ day-to-day work and the legal process in California, allowing me to better serve client needs.

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