Launch a Successful Podcast to Differentiate Your Law Firm

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The world of podcasting has erupted with 60 million listeners tuning in each week to hear about an assortment of topics. Read the following tips for more information on how law firms can build a successful podcast program to align with their marketing plan and brand:

  • Seek out stories that stand out and stack up

It’s easy to take the same route as other attorneys and law firms in terms of marketing, but creating a podcast helps differentiate you from your competition. Find a creative approach to showcase your attorneys’ thoughts on a hot topic in the legal industry or a story in the business section of Wall Street Journal. Don’t shy away from trending pop culture stories that could tie back to your practice area. Remember, the goal is to create content that builds a following.

  • Research your competitors, industry and clients’ targets

Find out what your competitors are doing and what type of content they’re publishing. This gives lawyers an idea of what topics are of interest and will reach their target audience. The key elements to look for are: a) the type of information they’re posting, b) their posting frequency, and c) what images they are using. This will help your law firm identify opportunities and areas of improvement.

  • Focus on relaxed table talk

The best law firm podcasts have niche topics that allow attorneys to take a different approach to a subject and share their perspective. One key is to ensure attorneys are relaxed and conversational so that discussion flows like a table talk. More structured, scripted podcasts may prevent listeners from relating to the hosts, although it’s a good idea to outline the conversation beforehand to avoid awkward pauses or lapses in discussion.

  • Nail recording and editing

There are a number of tools available, including Audacity, RINGR, Zencast and Apple Podcasts. Once your podcast is finalized, distribute on the platform of your choice and make sure to share on all social media channels. If you need help with designing marketing collateral, try Canva or Headliner.

  • Define success

Once your law firm has made the strategic decision to add podcasting to the marketing mix, make sure you define your goals. This can include driving more website traffic, increasing the visibility of a certain practice group, or nurturing relationships with guests (i.e. potential clients and referral sources).

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