Instagram New Update: Direct Messaging

Instagram, the popular mobile device app that lets users share pictures and videos online, recently released a new update: direct messaging. With this new feature, users are able to send videos or photos privately to any of their followers. The recipient and sender are able to comment or “like” the video or photo, as if it were on their newsfeed.

With this update, marketers will be able to segment their audience and send targeted messages in order to generate more interaction and revenue. This also enables the marketer to track and compare the results of a targeted message versus a non-targeted message.

For example, if a clothing brand sent a direct message to one of its loyal customers about a 10% off sale, this customer may be more likely to go into the store and shop. On the other hand, if the brand sent the message through the regular newsfeed, customers may not see the post and miss out on the deal.

Today, digital and video marketing has become less of a trend and more of a standard. Marketers are able to be more creative in their messages and receive instant feedback and interaction from their audience.

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