5 Reasons to Say No and 4 Strategies to Help You Learn How

What one word with only two letters and one syllable is probably the most difficult word to say?  Give up?  It’s “NO.”  As Robin Bull points out in her article on learning how to say no, “Practical Strategies to Help You Say No,” even those of us with the strongest resolve to decline can break down.  And as busy professionals, even if it’s not just that we don’t want to do something, we often just don’t have the time to do what’s being requested of us.

Bottom line: it’s not easy to learn how to say no!  But that’s not to say you shouldn’t say no.  Why?  Because saying no:

  • Is about valuing your time
  • Creates boundaries
  • Can make you more successful
  • Is good for your health

And when we say “yes,” it encourages people to continue to ask us for favors.

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