Do You Have a High-Engagement Website?

The primary purpose of law firm websites used to be for housing anything and everything about the firm, its attorneys, and its services. Websites were once a collection of static pages containing information. Now, today’s law firm websites are moving from passive to aggressive. Since the average website visitor’s attention span is limited, this means they need to constantly be moving throughout the site. Speakers at the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Tech Conference emphasized the importance of having a high-engagement website. Below are some tips for things that law firms can do to keep their visitors coming back to their website.

Offer Free and Interactive Tools 

Visitors will come back to your site if they know that they are getting something out of it. Consider creating user-friendly tools, such as an insurance risk calculator, a contractor decision tree, or a step-by-step guide for seeing if you have a viable case. Law firms can take this one step further by promoting this tool at industry-focused seminars, or in a series of blog posts. Whichever tool you choose to promote, don’t forget to give visitors the opportunity to contact you for a more detailed discussion.

Make Sure There Are No Dead Ends 

80% of website traffic comes through pages that are not your homepage, such as links through blogs, social media, etc. For example, once a visitor is done reading your employment practice area page, tease them with links to related blog posts, articles or webinars at the bottom of the page. By doing so, you entice the reader to keep moving throughout the website.

Include Visually Compelling Content 

Break up heavy text on pages by adding visually compelling images to them. With such little attention spans, readers need to be able to digest information in bite-sized chunks. Another great tool for incorporating images into your website is the use of infographics.

If your firm’s website doesn’t meet any of the above, it doesn’t mean you need to completely scratch and rebuild. Firms can check website traffic to find out which pages are gaining the most traction and which pages are getting the most clicks.  Most importantly, this can serve as a starting point for creating a high-engagement website.

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