Four Ways to Take the Leap from Writing Briefs to Writing Blogs

To be a good lawyer, you must be proficient in the English language and understand the essentials to writing legal briefs. Lawyers who are trying to make the shift to writing blog content should be relieved to know that as masters of the English language, there are steps to create a great blog post.

To make the leap from a brief to a blog, go beyond the essentials and keep in mind a few tips that can spruce up any piece of writing.

  1. Capture Attention with the First Sentence

The first sentence of any post is tricky to master. It should hook the reader and at the same time encapsulate what your article is about. Typically, the first sentence is the most challenging to write, but often you can start with a statistic, a story or a bold and direct statement. Avoid using clichés or overly descriptive introductions – you might lose the reader instantly.

  1. Keep It Relevant and Throw in Some Pop Culture References

A key rule for any writer is to find ways to make your article or blog post relatable, and likeable. Including references to pop culture will add a timely and interesting twist, but do so with caution. Remember who your audience is. Adding too much pop culture flair could be a negative.

  1. Use Shorter Sentences + Precise Words + Analogies

We all have picked up a book, opened the first page and spent 10 minutes just trying to get through the first paragraph – rereading the same sentence trying to decipher the jargon. From experience, the likelihood of never picking up that book again is 10 out of 10. Unnecessary words, or using words to sound smart, will ruin the reading experience. If no one can understand what you’re trying to say, why keep reading? Shorten your sentences and use simpler words to convey your message – it is much more appreciated. Show the reader that what you’re saying is interesting and meaningful – and using analogies is a great way to engage the reader and make your content memorable.

  1. Find a New Angle if Your Idea Isn’t Unique

Coming up with an original blog post is not easy, and chances are it has already been written on many times before. Taking a topic that has been covered and offering a unique take is all you need. Perhaps it’s offering the reverse perspective – instead of “why” it’s “why not.”

For the bonus tip – end your blog post with a flourish.

Craft your final sentence to be powerful or punchy. It might just be a simple rearrangement of words to make your ending much more impactful. The beauty of the English language is that there many ways to write the same sentence – so take a moment to rework that last line. Maybe switching a word will do the trick.

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