Extending the Shelf Life of Your Webinar

Professionals often ask us whether a webinar is worth the time they will put into it. The answer is YES, with a caveat. That is, if you just present the webinar and don’t engage in any pre- or post-marketing, you are losing a lot of the value. A key purpose of the webinar is the marketing that you can do before and after it – it gives you something to talk about for weeks or even months.

According to a study by BeaconLive, there are many different pieces of content that you can derive from your webinar. We’ve outlined a few tips below.

  1. Pre-event Infographic – Tease your audience with key items that will be presented throughout your webinar.
  2. Pre-event Video Promo – Try creating a movie-trailer style promo/commercial.
  3. Pre-Event Graphic – Create a few snapshots of the presentation deck and use that in your pre-marketing.
  4. Pre-event Presenter Blog – Write a blog about the presenter(s), introducing their credentials.
  5. Attendee Testimonials – Collect comments from your attendees on an evaluation form to use in future marketing efforts.
  6. Post-event Infographic – Create a graphic displaying statistics from the webinar – content statistics, results from surveys/polls, etc. and send it out to your database.
  7. Recording – Be sure to record your webinar so you can post it to your website and send it to your entire database.
  8. Post-event Blog – Author a blog featuring Q&A from the webinar.
  9. Video Snippets – Crop short clips from your recording to use as sound bites on social media.

10.  E-book – Lay out your webinar as an e-book, post it to your website and distribute it via social media.
11.  Presenter Blog – The presenter can author a blog providing further sources and elaborating on the subject.

Next time you are contemplating whether a webinar makes sense for your firm, consider the marketing power you can gain from it.

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