“Engaging” Content Will Encourage Your Prospects to Say, “I Do.”

The general approach to content creation has been to create the “right” message for the “right” audience and to distribute it through the “right” channels at the “right” time.  Lin Pophal’s recent article, “Push Vs. Pull: The Right Path to Content Personalization,” uses Rapt Media’s recent report entitled, “The Future of Content: Personalizing the Content Experience,” to showcase why that approach is not enough. The point being made is that there hasn’t been enough attention paid to whether or not content is effectively generating a personalized and relevant experience for its audience.  According to Rapt Media CEO, Erika Trautman, “Personalization has to be prioritized from the moment content is created.”  And in addition, it needs to close the feedback loop indicating how the audience has engaged with the content.

The goal for your firm should be to serve up content that engages your prospects and clients in ways that allow them to create personalized experiences.  With that in mind, you need to find ways to allow viewers to self-navigate your website, watch your videos, delve into your content and then interact with you, resulting in some desired outcome (fill out a form, download content, call you, etc.)


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