That Elusive High Net-worth Prospect Is Looking for You…Online

The rich are not that different from you and me. They surf the web just like the rest of us — that means a marketing opportunity for you.

Conventional wisdom follows F. Scott Fitzgerald’s conviction that people of wealth think and act differently, but in one important aspect, they are like you and me. If they are looking for a service, they get online and Google. Not just for plumbers or car repair, but for legal, accounting and wealth management professionals.

A recent anecdote confirms what Berbay has long held true and what research is bearing out. A colleague, whose clients are high net-worth families, recently recounted a meeting with exactly the kind of prospective client her firm covets who found her firm through a Google search. A member of a wealthy family, this prospect in his early 30s did what comes naturally — he searched online.

Yet, so many professionals whose clients have money continue to hold fast to the belief that “Nobody with any money is going to go online to look for the kind of service I provide.” Yes, they are, and this trend, which may just be emerging, will only continue to increase.

High net-worth individuals will also continue planning to ask their friends, advisors or personal acquaintances for referrals, especially those who may not have grown up with an online world. However, if you were comfortable with all the tools available today, and were smart and successful in the financial realm, wouldn’t you explore how to make the best decisions to manage your money? Yes, you would. And that means using the Internet to discover the universe of possibilities.

These numbers will only grow, which means owners of professional services firms have an opportunity to communicate with the wealthy who don’t ask friends for referrals because they are very private people. They do their own research to find solutions that best match their needs.

So as they say, ACT NOW! Capitalize on this marketing opportunity while your competitors look the other way.

While your competition holds fast to a belief that will very soon put them at a disadvantage, you want to capture the potential to attract “sweet spot” prospective clients through the web. Analyze your web site and improve its function to attract more eyes. Make sure your LinkedIn account is up-to-date and showcases your expertise, experience and points of differentiation. Embrace search engine optimization and social media and make them work for your business. Imagine what high net-worth investors are looking for when they surf the web, and position yourself as an expert.

Those high net-worth prospects will be looking for you. You want to be found.

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