Easy on the Marketing Jargon

I can’t help but take note of the rise in marketing jargon that has become more meaningless rather than providing clarity and conveying a specific message. How many times have you heard someone say they have a “proven track record” or that they are “top quality” – or even “world class”? What does a proven track record really mean? Does it mean good client retention, multi-million dollar verdicts, or a substantial number of years in practice? The more I hear these terms, the more confused I become.

In developing words to describe your firm’s value in a succinct matter, consider the “because” clause – which is oftentimes missing. For example, “We are the best because of our ability to…” This is what people really want to know and what can potentially set you apart from your competition. Take a moment to think about what the value you really bring to clients and determine how you can communicate that in a memorable way.

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