Digital Strategy: You’re in it for the Long Run

Not everyone is an early adopter of the latest business trend, but if you’re still in the mindset of “Nobody’s going to look for my firm online” or “Do I really need a LinkedIn profile?” you’d better stand aside because the world is going to steamroll right over you.

To be competitive today, every firm needs to build a long-term, ever-evolving digital strategy – words of wisdom from Kalev Peekna, Chief Strategist at One North Interactive, at the recent LMA conference. Whether for your website, search engine optimization or social media, it’s vital that your digital strategy and related tactics are always on a continuum of improvement.

One of the main characteristics of a long-term digital strategy is endurance. Think about your website. Websites are evolutionary; they’re never finished. Peekna advised thinking of your digital marketing in “release” stages. For example, finishing the Herculean task of getting a new website up is Release 1.0, and you deserve kudos. However, take a deep breath and start on Release 2.0 – the incremental refinements that are going to tell your firm’s story today. Add new case studies and success stories, and consider what graphics you can add, etc., then on to Release 3.0. Also, accept the fact that the life cycle of a website is much shorter than before.

When it comes to your digital strategy, you need to think about the future.  People invest in the future, not in the past.  Embrace a long-term vision for an ongoing digital marketing strategy. You’ll see the benefits in your client relationships and in your firm’s bottom line.


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