Cutting Through Convention Crowds

At large marketing events and conventions, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat. In a recent case study by, one start-up exhibited a unique way of attracting attention. Here are the steps they took that resulted in increased lead generation and revenue for the company:

  1. The marketing team chose to align their promotion with the themes of the conference – a tactic that paid off in a big way. They decided to feature a President Obama look-alike at a conference that had many celebrity appearances.
  2. In order to promote the celebrity appearance, the company used social media to hint at the identity of the surprise guest and used giveaways specifically designed to lure conference attendees back to the booth the next day.
  3. When the special guest arrived, a highly visible procession attracted visitors and drew traffic to the booth.
  4. After the conference wrapped up, the marketing efforts didn’t stop. By publishing a video with the President Obama look-alike on their website, the company was able to sustain the momentum sparked at the conference.

A noteworthy guest or promotion is an excellent way to maximize visibility at an event where so many booths are competing for attention. Spending marketing dollars in the right place ensures you get the most for your money and maximum exposure at an event.


-By Berbay Assistant Account Manager Summer Vernon

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