Cross-selling Professional Services

Do your current and former clients only associate you with professional services you have already provided to them? If so, your ongoing challenge is to educate them about the other services you can offer. Unless you gently, but steadfastly promote your full range of professional services, they may not think of you when they have a need for them.

It’s not easy to market your other capabilities in a way that penetrates your clients’
consciousness. In addition to being consistent and persistent, you have to use a range of communication vehicles, such as email, hard copy, podcasts, etc., because different people perceive messages differently from different sources. Here are several marketing and public relations tactics to consider:

  • On those marketing pieces which describe one specific service, list your other services either along the side or at the bottom. Do the same for your web pages wherever possible.
  • When the time is right, bring up the fact that your company also provides professional service X and that you’ve given some thought to how it might help their business. Offer to introduce your in-house expert to them.
  • Send your client a case study related to a professional service you’d like to introduce.
    Ideally, it should be in the client’s industry. Include a handwritten note or personalized email saying something like, “As you already know we provide service X, but I thought that service Y could make a difference in your business. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about it.”
  • Forward a firm podcast related to the service, such as a case study, again stating that you thought it might be relevant for the client’s business.

Are you afraid your clients might think you’re always trying to “sell” them something? Actually, if you believe in the value of this additional service and its benefit to your clients’ business, you’re doing them a favor by recommending something that could increase their business success. It’s just good public relations—provided you handle these conversations professionally. If you encounter strong resistance, simply back away and keep the topic in mind for another time. The important thing to remember is to use a range of marketing vehicles, and to keep your promotion low-key but constant You never know when your gentle reminder will come at just the right time when a client needs the service.

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