Creative Just Got More Creative

Just when you thought you’ve heard all there is to say, creative office spaces just got even more creative. Creative office spaces traditionally have included an open working environment to increase collaboration, and have included features such as video games, TVs and even a high-end cafeteria. In addition to these attractive amenities, tenants are now looking for ways to connect the indoor space to the outdoor space, such as having open walkways and foregoing a lobby in favor of stairs that lead directly into your office from the outside, as well as connecting the parking garage to the indoor space, giving tenants the feeling that they are at home.

These ideas were presented at the Southern California Development Forum’s program “LA Entertainment Roaring Back!” In addition to the above, the panelists discussed that price is a secondary concern more than ever before. Of course, today’s tenants still want reasonable rent, but what they are most interested in is the creative space that accommodates their needs. In one example, a tenant didn’t even inquire about price until three weeks into the process. Other priorities have shifted as well. For example, ten years ago, the top floor of a high-rise building was the most desirable and expensive option for tenants, but today, everyone is vying for the ground floor so they can have easy access to outdoor space.

The office landscape has changed and will continue to evolve drastically as the tenant of today will not be the tenant of tomorrow. So, what do you think is next?

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