Creating Lasting Impressions Through Consistent Communication

I recently experienced some excellent examples of why it’s critical to consistently remain in front of prospective clients, especially through email, direct mail, and social media. As professionals, we need to make a lasting impression so that clients will be familiar with us when they need us; we also need to be in front of them on that red letter day.

For instance, one morning, I found an email from Proofread Now (, a professional proofreading organization. For at least a year, I’d been receiving the organization’s emails, which included useful grammar tips.  Two hours later, I was in a meeting in which we were discussing the final proofing of a client’s suite of marketing materials that was ready to go to print. The materials had been proofed at several points, but we wanted to make sure we had taken every precaution to be certain everything was right. During the brief discussion, I remembered the email I’d received that morning. We sent the materials to Proofread Now and received the completed job later that day. The organization’s steady and intriguing emails had created top-of-mind awareness and earned our business.

During that same week, I needed to make a referral to another marketing firm. Because the company we’d often turned to was no longer in business, I made a referral to a firm that had created an impression through its consistent emails showcasing the organization’s work and also contained brief articles about marketing and business—all of which drew me in. I’d talked with the principal once, at least two years before, but regular email contact kept the firm in the forefront of my mind.

I am asked whether email, direct mail, and other similar types of marketing work. The above are just a few examples which underscore that they do. The ability to keep in touch in person only enables professionals to interact within a limited universe. However, in the current global and virtual marketplace, distribution vehicles like email and social networking allow us to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with a wider and ever-expanding realm.

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