As marketing and public relations professionals, sometimes our brain gets stuck working on a project. Whether it’s drafting website copy or designing an advertisement, it is our job to get creative and think outside the box to capture the audience’s attention. If you find your creativity at a standstill, follow the below steps to keep your creative momentum flowing.

  • Write about everything and anything. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and ideas will exercise and expand your mind. Incorporate words you’ve never used before to express yourself. Going through this process can improve your creativity.
  • Find your passion.Although marketing and public relations is my passion, participating in a sport or art activity will contribute to your life experience and will positively affect your thought process. These activities may give you ideas on marketing material, media topics, or even new ways to develop business.
  • Explore outside of your comfort zone. Residing in your comfort zone does not stimulate creativity. Challenging yourself contributes to personal development, and as we branch out into new territory, we get the creative “juices” going.

In the words of the late Leo Burnett, legendary American advertising executive, “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

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