COVID Dominating Media: Four Ways to Make Your Pitches Stand Out

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As the coronavirus continues to dominate media headlines week after week, it’s no surprise non-COVID topics are either being ignored or getting lost in the shuffle. Here are four ways to make your pitches stand out amidst the chaos.

  1. Strong Spokesperson Every pitch should have a designated spokesperson who can offer insightful expertise on a subject matter. Highlight their years of experience, include any articles they’ve written on the subject matter and illustrate how they have a pulse on the trends impacting their industry. These factors will reinforce credibility and demonstrate the value of the spokesperson you’re offering.
  2. Catchy Headline Does this subject line grab your attention? If the answer is no, work harder on developing a headline that grabs the reader. Think about the headline you’d like the reporter to use in their story, and make sure it appeals to the readers of the publications you’re pitching to. Read your ideas aloud and share them with a few colleagues for their input as well.
  1. Use Statistics Incorporate relevant data that ties back to the main points of the pitch to support the story you are pushing. Reporters are more likely to find your email newsworthy and will look to you as resource in the future if you’re able to emotionalize the data and put it into context.
  2. Creative Angle If you’re pitching a topic, read recent articles and understand how other publications are covering it. Then try to find a new angle that hasn’t been mentioned. Is there a human element missing? Has new research emerged? You can also take advantage of awareness months, holidays or events to make your pitch timely and fun. Most importantly, make sure it aligns with the reporter’s beat and emphasize why the publication’s readers would be interested. Always remember newsroom decisions are made with the reader in mind.

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